Commercial Loans – How Long it Takes to Get Financing

If you are feeling the frustration and anger that so many other small and large business owners are by having to beg, and beg, and beg in front of your supposed “Friendly Banker” after providing them with tons of paperwork, and after they have cross examined not only your successful business, but you and all of your employees because you asked for a business loan to expand your thriving business, or to finally modernize and/or add that much needed machinery which you can now buy at a fraction from just a few years ago, or maybe make that smart acquisition, and at the end of all this humiliation you are told – Sorry, but we are not providing any commercial loans at this time! Arggghhhhhh, it’s enough to drive anyone insane.Well, there is a very innovative, quick and easy way that many savvy, informed business owners have been able to get that much needed financing by using a Pledged Asset Loans or otherwise known as PAL’s to secure the financing they need.PAL’s you ask, what is a PAL’s? A PAL’s loan is a Pledged Asset non-recourse Loan (read no personal liability), true NO DOC loan program offered to anyone holding any publicly traded security worldwide. Let’s explore a bit more and where you can get your PAL’s loan today.There are specialized financial companies that provide securities based loans to investors looking to maximize the potential of their existing publicly traded securities through their Pledged Asset Loan (PAL’s) program. These clients are seeking liquidity for personal or business use without having the need to sell their existing securities. The goal is to deliver customized, innovative financing solutions to individuals and businesses seeking an alternative to the direct sale of their securities. We are able to provide this financing in a fast, streamlined manner with minimal paperwork in as little as a few days.Most of the stock loan programs are non-purpose and non-recourse requiring no documentation. There is also no credit check and no income or employment verification. The only collateral reviewed and evaluated are the pledged securities from our clients. The pledged securities are our lenders’ only recourse.These company’s offer lending facilities on most securities traded domestically and on most international exchanges.A PAL’s program is unique versus traditional securities based lending programs, commonly referred to as “margin loans”. The maximum amount that most traditional investment banks will lend on a high quality securities portfolio is 50% of its value, and not all securities are considered “marginable”. The interest rates are typically higher and based on variable indices such as LIBOR or prime. In addition, there is personal liability associated with these traditional types of margin loans. Conversely, PAL’s program allows securities based loan facilities of up to 85% of the value of publicly traded stock portfolios, and up to 95% on high quality government debt at very low fixed rates. Most securities are eligible for the program whether they are considered “marginable” or not and there is no personal liability.PAL’s Benefit Summary is:
* Terms in 24 Hours
*Quick Closings
*Rates from 3% Fixed
*Keep All Appreciation
*Keep All Dividends
*No Credit Check
*No Credit Reporting
*No Income Verification
*No Employment Verified
*Non-Recourse Stock Loan
*Non-Purpose Stock Loan
*U.S. Exchanges
*Most Foreign Exchanges
*Up to 85% LTV – Stocks
*Up to 95% LTV – Bonds
*$100,000 Minimum Loan
*Loans Up to $100 Million+
*3,5,7,10 Year Terms
*Payoff or RenewIf you think that a PAL’s option is right for you, or to simply learn more, visit WPL site at

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